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Jul 14 2017

Domestic Abuse: Breaking the Cycle and Making a Difference

 Just know you are not alone in your perpetual struggle to crawl out. Victims of abuse and domestic violence have been demonized as a personal sin, like it is a choice, the price of not knowing any better. The more I research, and learn about the reality of what is really going on all around us, and the surge …

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Jul 03 2017

Detox and Your Immune System!!!

In previous posts I have shared the importance of getting healthy and staying healthy. Just a few posts ago I wrote about our All Natural Weight Loss , and our Wellness Programs. As I was on our Mlis Facebook page I came across the post below. The first thing that caught my attention was the sentence. …

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Mar 21 2017


In today’s world, we all have to think twice before we choose our foods – to nourish our bodies or are we going to choose to indulge and just enjoy at a celebration. Although I often hear from my clients, once they get off on a treat day, they can’t seem to get back on …

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Mar 14 2017


Are you looking for a healthier body? An easy, highly nutritious health plan? Reverse negative symptoms? Maybe you want to enhance your beauty? Then the wellness program is for you. In week one you will CLEANSE: Prepare the body. Why do we start there: Sluggish/low energy/fatigue                                                                   Dependent on coffee or other stimulants            Break unhealthy diet …

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Jul 29 2016

The Real Woman Creed!

I have been going through a summer  purging this month, so far I have given 5 extra large  plastic bags of clothing to our local community center, and major paper clean up. And  of course I absolutely must go through every piece of paper in the pile. I came across a 5X7 postcard that is beautiful, with affirmations written …

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Mar 06 2016

NO MORE Postcard Invitation

    NO MORE has created an overarching symbol to unify all people, organizations, companies and communities around bringing an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. It is called NO MORE. Like the peace sign, the yellow “support our troops” ribbon or the red AIDS ribbon, the goal of NO MORE is to raise …

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Jan 17 2016

I was in the Citizen Newspaper!

          January 15, 2016 No longer a victim, woman gains empowerment Today’s story deals with the often hidden terror of violence and abuse in the home.  The personal journey of a Southington woman who virtually lived her childhood under the cruel parental dominance of forced domestic labor in the darkness of …

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Oct 31 2015

Upcoming Events

Join me in celebrating National Authors Day with 7 other CT authors  on November 1st at the Book Club Book Store 100 Main Street Brook Brook CT 10:30am-2pm ************************************************************ Broad Mind “exploring the minds of writers, authors and beyond” would not exist without Windsor Community Television’s (winTV) persuasion, belief and encouragement. We are gathering together …

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Oct 31 2015

Casey On CT Style

  You’re not alone in your perpetual struggle to crawl out. Victims of abuse and domestic violence have been demonized, like the abuse they’ve suffered is a personal sin, a choice, the price of denial – of not knowing any better. I am often heard saying, “how do you get out of something you don’t …

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Oct 12 2015

Respect Life Conference

  I was honored to be one of the presenters at the 16th annual Respect Life Conference on October 17th at Holy Angels Church in Meriden. My topic: 50 Years -Untold Fears. I was overwhelmed not only by the standing-room only crowd, but also by the number of invitations to share my story with even more groups and …

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Aug 29 2015

Connecticut Author’s Day

Local authors celebrate the first annual Connecticut Author’s Day, September 1st, 2015.  Award-winning author June Hyjek, President of APSS, Connecticut said, “We thought it was time that all authors in Connecticut be celebrated and to shine a light on illiteracy. When you look at the names of those who have lived and created here, from …

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Jul 03 2015

A Prayer For Victims of Abuse

I was cleaning out a nightstand in my bedroom last week and came across a folder, it was full of papers from a training program I attended back in October of 2006. I really have no memory of what appears to of been a very full and eventful day. Enclosed in the folder was this …

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Mar 15 2015

Near Death Experience

My friend Tina, from CT Soul Center in Granby, invited to be a guest speaker at the Near Death Experiences Support Group on May 11th at the UConn Medical Center in Farmington. I will be speaking about my experiences with, and my thoughts about raising awareness of child abuse and domestic violence.  Their meetings are …

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Mar 07 2015

Restraining Order Bill to Be Heard on March 11th 2015

The Judiciary Committee is hearing testimony on proposed bill 650 AN Act Concerning Restraining Orders the morning of Wednesday, March 11 2015. Ron Pinciaro, Executive Director of the CT Against Gun Violence would like us to help spread the word…. “it is so important that we get as many people as possible at that hearing, especially …

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Feb 15 2014

“In Her Shoes”

Would YOU walk a mile in her shoes? A few weeks back I attended a domestic violence training sponsored by the CCADV (Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence). One of the speakers at this training was Captain Gary MacNamara Chief of Police for the Town of Fairfield, CT. I had the pleasure of speaking with him …

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