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Well being is achieved When Body, Mind and Spirit Function Together at Their Highest Potential

For over 20 years I have been the proud owner of Casey’s Image Consultants, a salon located in downtown Southington, Connecticut.  I am also a Certified M’lis Wellness Consultant and offer M’lis Lifestyle Change Programs for detoxifying the body.Casey Morley

With the two businesses, I have dedicated myself to helping people improve their appearance and overall health from the inside out. All of my Lifestyle Change products and programs tap into the body’s ability to renew, cleanse and heal itself.  Chemicals or drugs are not used as these often provide only temporary results, while ultimately creating other problems later on.

Holistic Health is a whole approach to life. Rather than treating a symptom or specific illness, holistic therapies focus on the whole person and how every part of your life is affecting your body. Maximum well being is achieved when body, mind and spirit function together at their highest potential. Detoxification is the foundation of all my Lifestyle Change Programs. It is a necessary part of any health regime and remains a respected and proven system of cleansing the body, conquering degenerative diseases and overcoming chronic health problems.

Taking a holistic approach to detoxification is an ongoing process. It takes personal commitment and diligence to be the best that you can be and achieve your health goals. I would love to teach you how to slow down the aging process while allowing your healthy beautiful self to show through! Feel free to contact by calling  860-628-8857 or fill out the form to the left.

My book, Crawling Out, is available NOW at!


Casey’s Image Consultants

My Salon Story I enjoyed being a manager of a salon that was part of a well -known chain I believe , twenty salons, It was a typical Saturday the staff was busy with meeting our clients’ needs and enjoying conversation when a sheriff walked in and changed the direction of my life [Full story in Crawling Out, …

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Casey’s Thank YOU Special

CASEY’S ‘THANK YOU’ SPECIAL  As my way of saying THANK YOU to my friends and clients for being so supportive, I’m offering $10 off an Ion Cleanse Footbath Regular Price $45 Celebration Price $35 Coupon Code: THANK YOU   Schedule an Appointment TODAY! 860-628-8857  Detoxifying the world two feet at a time!  Gift Certificates Available! …

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Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

We Live in the Most Polluted Environment in Earth’s History Studies show most of us have chemical residues stored in our cells because we continually inhale and assimilate residues from petrochemicals, pollutants, and pesticides, among other things. These toxins occupy cell receptor sites and block the body’s ability to function properly.     When the body collects …

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Lifestyle Change Programs

It is often easier to be sick than it is to be well… It is easier to take a pill than it is to change one’s lifestyle; however, the rewards of a lifestyle change are well worth it. The body is an amazing instrument. It can improve and it can heal, and you can feel like …

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