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Nov 11 2017


  I am proud to be a M’LIS certified wellness coach, and would love to share with you some facts about our products. Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and some are not manufactured in certified GMP [good manufacturing practices] facilities. This means that supplements can contain any combination of ingredients …

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Mar 21 2017


In today’s world, we all have to think twice before we choose our foods – to nourish our bodies or are we going to choose to indulge and just enjoy at a celebration. Although I often hear from my clients, once they get off on a treat day, they can’t seem to get back on …

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Aug 04 2015

Getting to the Heart of it

Balancing Mind Body and Spirit Let’s get to the heart of it … Did you know that an estimated 85.6 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease?  This is a staggering number. Heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death, second only to cancer.   Heart disease is not an “old persons” disease, …

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Jul 03 2015

More than a Gut Feeling

The human GI tract contains more than 500 species of bacteria that help break down food, strengthen immunity, and ward off pathogens.    Microbes like Lactobacillus Acidophilus bind to the lining of the gut, helping in digestion, battling toxic intruders, and can even stimulate the immune system. They have also been credited with preventing or curbing …

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Feb 28 2014

Healthy Aging Maintenance

Healthy Aging Maintenance with M’lis Supplements DAILY – 100% Vitamin and Mineral supplement chelation [Key’lation] which means will be easily absorbed by the body. Take 1 to 2 daily CALCIUM – Liquid Absorbable, Predigested Source strengthens teeth, bones, can help coronary heart disease, hypertension, alleviate anxiety, regulates heartbeat, a natural sedative. Take 2 to 4 …

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Dec 12 2013

Don’t Let the Flu Rob You!

The flu season is responsible for over $10.4 (1) billion in medical care expenses each year and 2013 is already on track to break records. Shorter days, lack of sun exposure, and reduced physical activity make it all too easy for the flu to pick pocket us as we retreat indoors each fall. It’s not …

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