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Nov 19 2017

Tips For A Successful Detox!!!

It is hard to believe 2017 will be coming to an end before we know it. I have to say it was one of the fastest years, at the salon I say to my clients. “I am sure someone took out a few months from the calendar. The discussions of New Year’s resolution have already …

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Nov 12 2017

Come Join Speaker Sisterhood of Southington !!!

I am so excited to share with you a new adventure I signed up for. It is called Speaker Sisterhood of Southington. Speaker Sisterhood is a network of speaking clubs formed by Angela Lussier teachings for women want to discover, awaken, and create their voice through the art of public speaking. Have more confidence, …

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Nov 11 2017


  I am proud to be a M’LIS certified wellness coach, and would love to share with you some facts about our products. Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and some are not manufactured in certified GMP [good manufacturing practices] facilities. This means that supplements can contain any combination of ingredients …

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Mar 29 2017

Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center Joy!

I just returned from another awesome weekend at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center. It is hard to believe I have been going to this awesome place for twenty two years, and have met so many amazing women. The retreat team is wonderful and really do a great job at meeting ALL our needs. They …

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Mar 14 2017


Are you looking for a healthier body? An easy, highly nutritious health plan? Reverse negative symptoms? Maybe you want to enhance your beauty? Then the wellness program is for you. In week one you will CLEANSE: Prepare the body. Why do we start there: Sluggish/low energy/fatigue                                                                   Dependent on coffee or other stimulants            Break unhealthy diet …

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Jan 24 2016

The Universe Aligned Me With Christine Petit

One Friday I was busy at the salon and a client came in for her appointment, she said “I just saw Dr. Petit’s wife Christine being interviewed on WFSB channel 3”. She shared some facts and nudged me to check out the link. I was intrigued by what I learned and I ended up sending that interview link to …

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