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Lifestyle Change Programs

It is often easier to be sick than it is to be well…

It is easier to take a pill than it is to change one’s lifestyle; however, the rewards of a lifestyle change are well worth it. The body is an amazing instrument. It can improve and it can heal, and you can feel like a whole new person IF you put forth a little effort.

The first step to a healthier life is to cleanse your body through Detoxification. This is accomplished through a total body cleansing program that removes toxins from the liver, bowels, kidneys, and blood supply. Detoxification helps keep your colon healthy by ridding the body of excess mucus and waste materials. Most people do not realize that these toxins can become trapped in the colon for YEARS, which has many potentially harmful effects.

The way we live and the daily decisions we make about our own physical condition are by far the largest factor in determining our health. The majority of illnesses, degenerative diseases ,and early deaths are being traced back to individual lifestyle choices, many of which seem relatively minor on the surface.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices Include, but are not limited to

  •       Using alcohol, drugs ,and nicotine
  •       Engaging in sexually promiscuous behavior
  •       Lack of exercise
  •       Too much stress
  •       Consuming too much sugar and other unhealthy foods

As bad health habits persist, health and vitality can decrease, which sets the stage for illness. So the big and small choices we make every day really do matter. Most degenerative diseases are not inherited or transmitted from others. They are often the direct result of the lifestyle choices we make each and every day.

Key Factors Influencing a Person’s Health*

  • Quality of medical care: 10%
  • Predisposed hereditary conditions: 18%
  • Everyday lifestyle choices and conditions, including environmental toxins: 72%

*According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Goals of Lifestyle Change Programs Are to:

  • Change health-destroying conditions and patterns
  • Support the body’s own natural healing powers
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and waste
  • Strengthen the immune system and all the vital organs and tissues
  • Rebuild and strengthen total health through detoxification, diet, stress reduction, and exercise
  • Help individuals change their lives, appearance, and overall health
  • Improve overall happiness and well- being

I can teach you what foods to avoid and how to incorporate more clean- living foods into your diet. I can help you identify the destructive lifestyle choices you might be making. And I can show you how to help your body regenerate. All of my Lifestyle Change Programs and products tap into the body’s natural ability to renew, cleanse, and heal itself. Chemicals and drugs are not used as they so often provide only temporary results while ultimately creating more problems in the long run.

Health and renewal come from within. I can help you find and use that great power. Our program remains a respected and proven system of body cleansing and are the foundation of all of the Lifestyle Change programs.

Learn to listen to your body.It will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t need.