Oct 31 2015

Casey On CT Style


You’re not alone in your perpetual struggle to crawl out.

Casey on CT Style

Casey with Teresa & Ryan

Victims of abuse and domestic violence have been demonized, like the abuse they’ve suffered is a personal sin, a choice, the price of denial – of not knowing any better. I am often heard saying, “how do you get out of something you don’t know your in?”

The surge of victims of domestic violence has fueled a desire in me to help – to be vulnerable and share my story – to encourage – give hope – to move many to empowerment. Get off that square with man eating sharks lurking all around you. Regain your birth right to be at peace.

I want to help victims of this nationwide epidemic find the voice and courage to speak out and seek help.  To learn more about me and my mission, watch my interview on Channel 8, CT Style (below) that took place on October 21st. Let me know what you think.


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