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Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

We Live in the Most Polluted Environment in Earth’s History

Studies show most of us have chemical residues stored in our cells because we continually inhale and assimilate residues from petrochemicals, pollutants, and pesticides, among other things. These toxins occupy cell receptor sites and block the body’s ability to function properly.    

When the body collects so many pollutants that it is unable to excrete them all, chemicals will find their way into the liver, and then migrate to fat cells in organs throughout the body where they are stored. When your body exceeds the limit for toxins that it can excrete, those too are stored.This accumulation of toxins can lead to chronic diseases and compromise our physiological and psychological health. See Signs of a Toxic Body

How the Ion Cleanse Works:ion cleanse

Using an electrical current in the water along with the metal plates in the array, the Ion Cleanse splits the water molecule into positive [H+] or negative [OH-] ions.

These ions travel into the body and neutralize the oppositely charged toxins. Once those toxins are neutralized, they are pulled out of the body into what you see in the water.

Expunging the body of these toxins will boost the immune system and allow the body to heal more rapidly, which allows the body to function more efficiently.

Positive Results from the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath

  • Reduced stress

  • Better sleep

  • Increased energy

  • Boosted immune system

  • More efficient body functioning

What would all that mean for you?  Offering the Ion Cleanse Foot bath is one of many ways I help my clients find a healthier way to live. It could be the first step of your journey to getting well. Here’s what my customers are saying about the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath: 

“First visit I felt immediately renewed and rejuvenated, no pain in my joints, muscles, torso and it lasted through the evening. On my second visit, again, I felt immediate relief of pain in my body, especially in my knees and legs. Rejuvenated! With my third visit again I was energized, and rejuvenated. The pain in my body dissipates, but is most noticeable from my feet through my hips, which are my most troublesome areas. These areas cause me pain and discomfort all day every day. The footbath feels good! And the feeling seems to last.’  ~Jodie Terry, Southington Connecticut

“The first time I used the machine it was out of curiosity. Much to my surprise, the swelling and pain that I had been experiencing in my right ankle seemed to subside. I’d been having problems for three months with it swelling considerably by day’s end. I have noticed the swelling was down and stayed down. Also, on the same foot I have an issue with my big toe and nail. Both of those issues are also on the mend. Thank you, Casey!”  ~Carla Perillo, Southington, Connecticut

I invite YOU to come and experience it, and tell me what you think. Take detoxification another step further and call me today at 860-628-8857 to schedule an appointment for a health screening.