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Jul 14 2017

Domestic Abuse: Breaking the Cycle and Making a Difference

 Just know you are not alone in your perpetual struggle to crawl out. Victims of abuse and domestic violence have been demonized as a personal sin, like it is a choice, the price of not knowing any better. The more I research, and learn about the reality of what is really going on all around us, and the surge …

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Mar 03 2017

NO MORE Week 2017

Domestic violence and sexual assault are huge problems in every neighborhood. The smallest of actions can go a long way towards creating an awareness campaign., to creating a team, a town gathering, to a society that does not and will not TOLERATE!!! domestic violence or sexual assault. Everyone knows someone who is suffering some form …

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Jul 04 2016

Saint Matthew’s Church Prayer Group

I received a letter from St Matthew’s Church Prayer Group on a day I thought I was not going to be able to carry on. I was tired, weak, fear was choking me, and clearly the trauma, emotional abuse was taking a toll on my health. It was in 2008, and my life was just one enduring horrific episode …

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Mar 06 2016

NO MORE Postcard Invitation

    NO MORE has created an overarching symbol to unify all people, organizations, companies and communities around bringing an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. It is called NO MORE. Like the peace sign, the yellow “support our troops” ribbon or the red AIDS ribbon, the goal of NO MORE is to raise …

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Jan 19 2016

How Long Should We Have To Carry It?

We all have lugged along a piece of luggage, often awkward or to heavy to manipulate along our long awaited for vacation. Often thinking “I know better, I tell myself all the time. Don’t pack so much. More often than not we carry back most items we never used or needed. That is not the …

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Nov 11 2015

Men Are Helping as Well!

I am all about educating and raising awareness to what is going on All! around us concerning domestic violence and  our  rising alarming statistics. I received this link from my friend Nancy in an email, after watching this I thought it would be imperative to share with you. Christan Rainey made it his business. The 30-year-old goes to fire …

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Jul 03 2015

A Prayer For Victims of Abuse

I was cleaning out a nightstand in my bedroom last week and came across a folder, it was full of papers from a training program I attended back in October of 2006. I really have no memory of what appears to of been a very full and eventful day. Enclosed in the folder was this …

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Jun 28 2015


That burden on your shoulders bogging you down, could be shame. That heaviness crushing your chest making it hard to breathe, could be shame too. It might be that critic in your head, the one that fills you up with endless horrible messages.   The dictionary defines shame as: a painful emotion caused by a strong …

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Jun 08 2015

Casey In the News


May 27 2015

Meet the Author Event June 6th 2015

You’re Invited! “Meet the Author” Casey Morley, Saturday June 6th, 2015 12 – 2pm, at Vintage From the Heart  101 Center Street Southington, Connecticut.  I will also be signing and selling my book, Crawling Out, at this location on July 8th 2015 during the  downtown Southington Music on the Green event. Enjoy the classic music …

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May 08 2015

My Night at the Waverly

The ‘Meet the Author’ Event April 17th at the Waverly Inn in Cheshire was a great success. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of my dear friends who came out to support me and my cause of raising domestic violence awareness. I had a lot of fun selling and signing books …

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Mar 22 2015

God is Good

  The Mary Our Queen Ladies Guild invited me to be their guest speaker! Topic: “God is Good” “It is through the Grace of God that I am healthy, strong and empowered. I will be sharing some of my story and the mission he has me on.” All are welcome! Mary Our Queen Wednesday April …

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Oct 06 2014

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Breaking the Chains of Child Abuse The Bikers Against Child Abuse are my heroes. It was an honor to have them at my Crawling Out book launch celebration last month. I’d like to share with you the great work these amazing individuals do for children…  Bikers Against Child Abuse, Inc. (BACA) is a non-profit organization …

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