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Oct 15 2013

Authors at Play

Casey and her friend Chuck Miceli showcase their books outside of Casey’s Salon during the 2013 Apple Harvest Festival in Southington Connecticut.     Post by: Casey Morley – “I have emerged from a life filled with abuse and chronicle my journey in my my book,Crawling Out, due to be published soon. I hope by …

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Oct 11 2013

Signs and Symptoms of Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence Defined: According to CCADV (the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc.) Domestic Violence is defined as a coercive, controlling behavior that can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse. Victims are left feeling scared, confused, dependent and insecure about their ability to survive on their own, financially or otherwise. The children of …

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Oct 03 2013

Visit Casey at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival

Be sure to stop by and visit me as Southington’s 45th Apple Harvest Festival this weekend October 12th and 13th, 2013. I’ll have a table set up right outside my salon at 51 North Main Street.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I will be holding a fundraiser to benefit the CUT IT OUT: …

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Sep 06 2013

Baring Your Soul in Public ….

Baring your soul in public requires courage and a strong sense of self-worth. Casey Morley had not much of the first and none of the latter when she began writing her story, longhand, on a yellow legal pad. What drove her to commit word to paper was determination−to break the cycle of abuse and domestic …

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Aug 23 2013

Roller Coasters – Either You Love Them or Hate Them

In my recent newsletter, I shared that I signed a publishing contract and that it was exciting as well as scary. The roller coaster of emotions has been crazy. One minute, one hour, or one day, excitement overwhelms me as I think, “Oh! I hope I help many with my story, my journey and, especially, …

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Jul 18 2013

Toxins Before Breakfast – How Our Bodies Are Affected by Toxins – Part 2

How the Systems of Our Bodies Are Affected by Environmental Toxins – Part 2 As I mentioned in a previous post, I have interesting facts about the toxic world we live in today. The U.S. Government and product manufacturers confirm that a variety of chemical POISONS are found in common foods and household products that …

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Nov 13 2012

Where Does It All Start?

Where does it all start? In the womb? The first month? The first year? Perhaps the first time you were dismissed or ignored. Maybe your story begins with the first slap or the first beating. Have you thought about the messages you received? Does it even matter? Abuse is abuse, broken is broken, and dysfunction is dysfunction. And the …

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