Jan 19 2016

How Long Should We Have To Carry It?

We all have lugged along a piece of luggage, often awkward or to heavy to manipulate along our long awaited for vacation. Often thinking “I know better, I tell myself all the time. Don’t pack so much. More often than not we carry back most items we never used or needed.baby and daddy innocent child

That is not the case with our 15 million children witnessing domestic violence or our 46 million children enduring some form of abuse They don’t have a choice of what to pack. How many think about what our little ones living in this type of environment carry along with them  each and every day. Just for a moment please visualize this. That precious sweet innocent little 5 year old excited to finally get to go to school with her new pencils and perhaps her new Barbie lunch box. But inside her lunch box along with her lunch or snack it is full of  FEAR. Fear that  she lives with every day. Or the little guy who carry’s his Batman, or Spiderman backpack along with his books he carries shame and guilt. Each and every day, they worry about  how can they make it ALL!! Stop or perhaps along with the worry how do they hide their to blame for all that is going on at home. Thinking “if only I  could behave better mommy wont cry so much”.

Each day, each month these backpacks, lunch boxes, gym bags are filled more and more with the feelings of being dismissed, devalued, building inferior, or low self-esteem issues that get bigger and bigger   that these precious gifts we call children carry well into their  teens and adult lives. YET these children are supposed to show up in every day life and be the best they can be and become stars.

So I ask you with out more awareness and education about what is really going on all around us. “What chance do our babies have?” Please join me on my mission to educating and bringing enlightenment to those who have no idea. Visit my Resource page spend a few minutes on a site or two,  perhaps you will be nudge to make a difference in a loved ones life by talking it, teaching your young, volunteering, and or making a pledge..

Thank you for your time.




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