Jul 04 2016

Saint Matthew’s Church Prayer Group

St Matthews Church, Tulsa OK I received a letter from St Matthew’s Church Prayer Group on a day I thought I was not going to be able to carry on. I was tired, weak, fear was choking me, and clearly the trauma, emotional abuse was taking a toll on my health. It was in 2008, and my life was just one enduring horrific episode after another. I did not have a support system. If I chose to share just a small piece of my story, I would hear “Oh!, you are a smart girl you will figure it out.” So the letter I am about to share with you, became my support system for years.

Dear Sister Morley,

   REMIND YOURSELF, “WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR REACTION TO WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU.” Self-respect, self-worth, self-dignity are birthrights. Nothing is more torturous than having indignity heaped upon you. Yet, no purpose is served when you allow people and wrongs they do to draw you to their level. When your self-worth, and dignity is undermined, a justly conceived resentment is generated… but no matter how just the resentment is… it is more self-destructive to you than to anyone and causes a blockage of divine, special energy flowing to you.

   KNOWING YOU DON’T DESERVE TREATMENT YOU ARE RECEIVING, REFUSE TO ALLOW IT TO AFFECT THE WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. NO ONE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOU, EXCEPT YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER. GOD IS CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT COMES OUT OF YOU MORE THAN WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU..FOR THIS IS THE GREATEST DETERMINING FACTOR IN YOUR FUTURE. Allow The Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you, ” YOU WILL BECOME WISE AS A SERPENT, AND HARMLESS AS A DOVE.”  JESUS SAID THIS IN [MATTHEW 10:16]. I’m not talking about becoming a floor mat, because a floor mat is what people walk on and wipe their feet. Respect others and respect yourself. You will find The Holy Spirit showing you how to handle people and situations, instead of having them handle you!. You will become the head and not the tail in every episode.

   Be mindful not to make promises lightly. An unfulfilled promise could influence you to avoid one that you really don’t wish to. Spend more time working on the ” creative person” within you. “A PERSON WHO WRONGED YOU NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS MORE THAN TO BE CENSURED.”

   Injustices and wrongs experienced in your life become part of God’s MASTER PLAN, The  Holy Spirit will over time use present and past events to reveal shortcuts to you concerning your future. Those who surround you influence what you will become, and accomplish. Choose relationships carefully.

   Your faith will be challenged. Someone wants to quarrel. REFUSE TO FEED A CONTENTIOUS SPIRIT. It will tire your spirit and break your focus. Re-direct any negative conversations to the positive aspects. You can change confusion to opportunity for a miracle! Focus on your future, which is changing fast.

   Realize that God sees the injustices of men and He will turn it around into His MASTER PLAN for your life…He will make it all work for your good, in His Divine way…leave the vengeance and punishment up to God, but accept that those who surround you influence what you become and all that you accomplish.

   You must keep in mind that although Satan is your enemy…Jesus warned us to be aware of men, also. Matthew 10:17, 18. “YOUR ENEMY IS ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO HINDER OR SABOTAGE THE ASSIGNMENT AND PLANS GOD HAS REVEALED FOR YOUR LIFE.” [GALATIANS 5:7-9]. An enemy is anyone who weakens your passion for your future and your dreams. Trust in Jesus, the higher you fly in life, the less dead weight you can carry. Refuse to listen to the words of fear that try to cut you from within and from without through the doubters around you. STAY FOCUSED ON THE PRIZE AND NOT THE THREATS OF THE ENEMIES. The Lord is my helper and I will not FEAR what man shall do unto me.

   Here is what God is saying to you today:

“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord…” Jeremiah 30:17

Your Brothers & Sisters in Christ

Saint Matthew’s

My prayer for you is that this letter will give you the lift, and renewed faith to help you get through the next minute, the next  hour, or the next day.

Hugs Casey

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