Jan 24 2016

The Universe Aligned Me With Christine Petit

Casey and Christine Petit

Christine Petit and Casey

One Friday I was busy at the salon and a client came in for her appointment, she said “I just saw Dr. Petit’s wife Christine being interviewed on WFSB channel 3”. She shared some facts and nudged me to check out the link. I was intrigued by what I learned and I ended up sending that interview link to some of my friends asking them to check it out.

Before long I learned I was nominated by one of them for Christine’s new project, Transformations: Women of Strength. Well, I will just get right to the point … after a few emails back and forth between my Editor, Nancy Hooper and Christine, I was told I was one of her picks for this great honor.

This past Thursday Christine and I met for the first time. I was welcomed into her studio with a huge warm  hug, offered some antipasto and a seat.  We had planned to just meet and chat for 30 min. Our  conversation flowed as if we were old friends catching up. Before long 2 hours had gone by. While I was there, I got to meet her husband Dr. Petit and he offered to buy me lunch. I was thrilled. Christine loved the gift I brought her (it was designed by Susan Lederman, find her at P’Zazz on Facebook. Reach her at Susan@pzazz.me.)  

We decided to give her a month to read my book. We will meet for lunch and then decide to set the date for my big day. I am SOOO excited. and honored! The day will consist of hair and makeup, a photo shoot, and finally I will be interviewed by Christine. A video will be made  for her blog.

I promise I will keep you all up to date as the beautiful divine gift from the universe plays out. I say a gift from the universe because I never could of imagined a sweeter way to meet Christine and be part of such a beautiful project.

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