Dec 17 2012

What Are the Signs of a Toxic Body?

The human body has an amazing natural ability to heal itself. When faced with more toxins than it can handle, the healthy body forces them out through body openings. The natural detoxification process occurs through the skin by perspiration, through the kidneys by urination, through the colon by evacuation, and through the lungs by respiration.

The removal of toxins is a natural biological cleansing process. Sometimes toxins are suppressed for a variety of reasons. If they are not eliminated, the toxins go deep into the cells and tissues, which can cause degenerative damage. Suppression of the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself can lead to lethargy, sickness, and eventually to life-threatening diseases. A person can actually pass the point where the body can no longer cleanse and heal itself.

The signs of a toxic body include but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Fatigue / Lack of energy / Insomnia, restless sleep or difficulty relaxing
  2. Mental confusion, absentmindedness, poor concentration, indecision
  3. Digestive problems (gas, ulcers, heartburn, IBS) / Irregularity (constipation, diarrhea)
  4. Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability
  5. Overweight / Underweight
  6. Allergies, hay fever, asthma
  7. Stress / Headaches
  8. Painful inflammation (joints, muscles, sinuses, intestines)
  9. Cravings or addictions / Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, excessive appetite
  10. Low resistance to illness and infection
  11. Yeast infection
  12. Smoking / High alcohol and/or caffeine consumption
  13. High blood pressure / High risk of coronary artery disease (high cholesterol or triglycerides)
  14. Diabetes or Hypoglycemia
  15. Skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, etc.)
  16. Male or female problems (PMS, prostate, hot flashes, impotence, infertility, lack of desire)
  17. Weakness, shakiness, poor muscle tone, muscle soreness or spasm



  1. Christine Swensky

    Hello, thank you for your time. I am from Monroe, Ct. I have been in Austin Tx for about 7 yrs now (wow time flys!) I am 34 yrs. My sister lives in Southington and after meeting with and becoming a true friend with a man out here that does Ionic baths, RIFE, and I admit i do not remember the right name but hand pulses, plus so much more I have and am on a conquest to help my sister. She is 37, Im guessin bla bla bla to you right now. No offence! So may I please ask what you offer, how you got into this and because my sis is kinda skeptic because she has already gone thru so very many help options how you could explain to her, me and my friend not in Ct why this just might benefit her.
    I admit, I am not the best at explaining things and she is not as open to ideas as me, but Ive undergone all these methods and I know they are amazing. Im not sick though. It is hard because she has seen so many doctors, sports doctors, blabla, she actually has her masters in physical therapy bit is stuck at home because not one place in Ct can help her. She has cronic neck pain, low immunity- always getting sick, her body is not regenerating fast enough to keep her immune system up, she is thin, eats healthy, she goodness i can go on, but will wait for dont want this to be to much. Now Im not saying that a footbath or RIFE machine will cure all her problems but it is something for the amount of stress and medicine she has to take plus more I honestly believe the footbaths-plus can help. She has never done drugs nor drank much nor ever smoked ciggarettes.. So none of this would give cause. If you would give a small amount of time to respond and what after what I told you let me know what you would suggest or offer please at least give me the benifit of the doubt and respond. I am DETERMINED to help my sister. If she did not have two kids under 8 I would have her come out here. Ok Im done. My name is Christine Swensky, my phone number is 203-444-5599– email above. Thank you again if you actually read this and have heart to respond with any helpful thoughts or questions at all.

    Christine Swensky.

  2. Jacki Finland

    My dear friend Casey,

    I am so very proud of you. Your web site and blog both are informative and thought provoking.

    Thank you for sharing all of your experiences; you are a brave, remarkable person.

    I am blessed to have you in my life and honored to call you my friend.

    Keep up the great work,
    Love ya,

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