Dec 14 2012

My Treasures

I have been a walker 30-plus years. I occasionally find pennies, quarters, sometimes dollars as I take in my surroundings. For years now when I picked them up, I’ve thought, “Oh! I found a treasure. Thank you!”
Eventually, when I finally arrived home with my small treasure in hand, Because I believe in the amazing power of gratitude, I would declare to my family with joy and excitement, “I found a treasure today” as I opened my hand to share my find. All I would receive back was rolling eyeballs, a sign I took that they were not as thrilled about my treasure as I was. Clearly, they didn’t understand my joy of living a life filled with appreciation for even the smallest of gifts.  

Through the years, when I’ve read a paragraph or even a sentence or two that resonated with me, made me sit up, perhaps reread, take note, I’ve considered this a found treasure and highlighted it. For the sections that struck me as really valuable, I put a dollar sign next to them in the margin, on the sides of them, possibly all around them so upon opening up a book randomly, I could locate my valuable treasures at a glance.

One such treasure comes from You Can Heal Your Life, written by Louise L. Hay. She writes, “Blame is one of the surest ways to stay in a problem. In blaming another, we give away our power.” Two little sentences, yet so profound. What helped me to let go of blame was to learn that everybody does the best they can with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge they have, at any given moment.

Will this treasure help you to stop blaming someone for something? Perhaps these few sentences will help you let it go. Please visit the My Treasures page where I will be sharing more of my treasures with you. It is my hope that one or more of these treasures will resonate with you, maybe make you sit up, take notice, or perhaps help you as much as they’ve helped me. 





Photo courtesy of Muffet

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