Jul 03 2015

More than a Gut Feeling

The human GI tract contains more than 500 species of bacteria that help break down food, strengthen immunity, and ward off pathogens. gut feeling
Microbes like Lactobacillus Acidophilus bind to the lining of the gut, helping in digestion, battling toxic intruders, and can even stimulate the immune system. They have also been credited with preventing or curbing diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, yeast infections, acne and even allergies.  
But did you know that they can also have a positive effect on the emotional well being of a person?  Recent studies are showing that those suffering with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more can benefit significantly by taking a quality probiotic supplement. Scientists and researchers alike have long believed in a connection with the mind and gut. An imbalance of microbes in the gut can contribute to or even cause mental disorders.  
A quality probiotic can mean the difference between results and more digestive issues. M’lis prides itself on our high standards of quality, purity and viability for each and every component of our supplements. Our probiotic contains a proprietary blend of 10 billion units of probiotics including synergized Acidophilus. In order for probiotics to be helpful they must survive gastric acid and bile to reach the small intestines and colon where they can be helpful. The M’lis probiotic is micro-encapsulated in a pharmaceutical grade beeswax to protect the integrity of our probiotics and ensure that they reach the small intestines and colon thereby providing the full benefits intended. This also eliminates the need for refrigeration.
As with all other M’lis supplements the probiotic contains additional herbs to encompass an array of benefits. One such herb is the Barberry Root (bark) which has long been used for gastrointestinal ailments, as well as to increase production of digestive enzymes and in controlling the overgrowth of candida albacans. Additionally the Pau d’ arco (bark) contains high amounts of antioxidants and is a powerful natural antibiotic that is useful in viral infections such as the common cold and flu.
probioticBalancing mind body and spirit … Call today to ask me how .

Post by: Casey Morley – “I have emerged from a life filled with abuse and chronicle my journey in  my book, Crawling Out, available at CrawlingOut.com. I hope by sharing my story I can help other victims of domestic violence realize that they too, can start their own journey of crawling out – and that they don’t have to walk alone. I am also the owner of Casey’s Image Consultants, and a Certified M’lis Wellness Consultant offering Lifestyle Change Programs for detoxifying the body. I am dedicated to helping people improve their appearance and overall health from the inside out.” Visit www.crawlingout.com to get your copy of Crawling Out today!



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