Jan 14 2018

Speaker Sisterhood Come Explore & Have Some Fun!!!!

Would you like to discover, awaken, and ultimately create your voice to a speaker the world is waiting for. Would you like to increase your confidence, improve your listening skills, learn to be more comfortable when your put on the spot? Consider joining Speaker Sisterhood, where you have a chance to explore, free write, deliver a speech you crafted, gather heartfelt feedback, reflect and CELEBRATE!!!!!

I belong to the Southington group, it’s a safe, supportive and encouraging group where we learn what it means to talk about topics like Love, Truth, Power, Passion. We play. We laugh. We cry. We feel proud of ourselves, and feel inspired. We cheer each other on and feel supported and that we matter.

Speaker Sisterhood mission is to support women in discovering, awakening and creating their voice through the art of public speaking. We use an amazing speaker’s guide called “The Secret life of Speaking Up” that creatively and gently invites us to explore our beliefs, desires, and needs then express them with confidence. We usually go deep, and surprise ourselves at how well we did.

To hear how founder Angela Lussier tell the story about how Speaker Sisterhood began  https://speakersisterhood.com/join-the-speaker-sisterhood/?inf_contact_key=1e2e956fa42bf5bcc4c69703f776d613ed598ccffbc5d126878eff871559b965

If this sounds interesting to you, please consider joining us. The first two meetings are free where you learn more about us, even invite a friend or two. Our group leader is

Alicia Davis

I look forward to meeting you and taking this adventurous journey together.

Hugs Casey

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