Feb 28 2014

Healthy Aging Maintenance

Healthy Aging Maintenance with M’lis Supplements

mlis_daily__antioxidant_essentials_web_p3_619x540DAILY – 100% Vitamin and Mineral supplement chelation [Key’lation] which means will be easily absorbed by the body. Take 1 to 2 daily

CALCIUM – Liquid Absorbable, Predigested Source strengthens teeth, bones, can help coronary heart disease, hypertension, alleviate anxiety, regulates heartbeat, a natural sedative. Take 2 to 4 daily

VITAL – SUPPORT ANTIOXIDANT w/ ASTAXANTHIN [studies find astaxanthin to be ten times as effective as beta-carotene] a free radical quencher. Take 1am and 1 pm

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL – Omega 6&9 Fatty Acids lowers weight without dieting, beneficial to the heart,skin, and immune system. Lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure, lessen rheumatoid arthritis, slow progression of multiple sclerosis etc. Take 3 to 6 daily

ORGANIC FLAX SEED OIL – Omega 3 fatty acids- protect against heart disease, control high blood pressure, flax slows down division of tumor cells, protects against breast ,colon, prostate and skin cancer. Take 2 to 6 daily

VITAMIN D – easily absorbed liquid gel, bone strengthening, lower risk of disease and infection, immune boosting, reduces the risk of various forms of cancercan help prevent heart disease, high bloodpressure, diabetes depression multiple sclerosis and many more. Take 1 to 2 daily

DHEA – for over 40 or auto-immune diseases, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, many age related diseases. Protects the brain cells from Alzheimer’sdisease and other senility-associated degenerative conditions. Prevents development of most diabetic symptoms. Elevated levels of DHEA cause weight loss without a change in appetite. Has the ability to burn fat, and help build muscle. Current research and studies show that DHEA may be beneficial in preventing and treating
diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, auto-immune diseases, AIDS , chronic fatigue syndrome, aging, osteoporosis, PMS. Take 1 to 2 daily for women 2 to 3 daily for men

THYROID – For nutritional support of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Helps restore the body’s optimal thyroid hormone level and naturally alleviate symptoms of thyroid disorders such as weight gain, low energy, fatigue and depression. Take 1am and 1 pm

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Post by: Casey Morley – “I have emerged from a life filled with abuse and chronicle my journey in my mybook,Crawling Out,due to be published soon. I hope by sharing my story I can help other victims of domestic violence realize that they too, can start their own journey of crawling out – and that they don’t have to walk alone. I am also the owner of Casey’s Image Consultants, and a Certified M’lis Wellness Consultant offering Lifestyle Change Programs for detoxifying the body. I am dedicated to helping people improve their appearance and overall health from the inside out.” 


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