May 29 2015

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There can be a cultural change on “speaking up and speaking out, accountability, challenging someone’s entitlements.”  Students at Carnegie Mellon University are using this “bystander intervention” approach in a new interactive online game in an effort to prevent sexual assault.  The game can be found at http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/53-610.
And Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz carries mattress to her graduation, after noting that she would continue to carry the mattress around until either her rapist was expelled, or until she graduated. Check out the full story



California is the first state to offer NO MORE license plate to fund local programs in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. Sign up for the #NOMOREplate at www.nomoreplate.org.

no more lisence plate


Casey Morley, Guest Speaker at Ana Maria College

Casey Morley, Guest Speaker at Anna Maria College

Post by: Casey Morley – “I have emerged from a life filled with abuse and chronicle my journey in  my book, Crawling Out, available at CrawlingOut.com. I hope by sharing my

story I can help other victims of domestic violence realize that they too, can start their own journey of crawling out – and that they don’t have to walk alone. I am also the owner of Casey’s Image Consultants, and a Certified M’lis Wellness Consultant offering Lifestyle Change Programs for detoxifying the body. I am dedicated to helping people improve their appearance and overall health from the inside out.” 

Visit www.crawlingout.com to get your copy of Crawling Out today!






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