Aug 12 2017

CCADV “I Choose” Campaign

The CCADV Mission: Works to improve social conditions and lead, Connecticut’s response to domestic violence through policy, 
public awareness, technical assistance and training. (http://www.ctcadv.org). When CCADV newsletter arrives, I am anxious to read what the coalition has been up to. I often take away new statistics and info to share at my speaking events. In this issue they covered State Policy updates, New Series of Campus Safety Trainings, Safe Futures, etc.

This September, once again  I will be attending the Children’s Center Fall Symposium, a day filled with updated information, and great presenters. I am certainly interested in the presentation on how persistent fear and anxiety can affect young children’s learning behavior and health. Today I want to focus on their new Prevention Campaign  “I Choose” they kicked off this past June.

“I Choose” is focusing on engaging boys, and men, to make positive life changes that don’t involve violence. With the right teachers, mentors and tools, boys can delete what they believe about violence being a choice, and rise above it. The important messages: “I choose respect”, “I choose not to normalize violence towards women” and “I choose to take a stand against domestic violence” are heard throughout. Please take a moment to watch this very quick video. Perhaps leave me a message on your thoughts. Thank you

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