Nov 05 2017

Don’t Be Fooled!!! Mike Dooley

How often many of us can quickly begin to beat up on ourselves for one thing or another. Do you do that or does that sound like someone you know or love? My friend Karen introduced me to Notes from the Universe http://www.tut.com/Inspiration/nft  Mike Dooley has a great story of how at 40 years old he thought “How did this happen to me” If you listen to some of his videos, or read his books you will love his come back and begin to believe you are just as strong, smart, and can do anything you set your thoughts on. 

I borrowed one of Mike Dooley books from Karen More Notes from the Universe LIFE, DREAMS, AND HAPPINESS. On the front cover it reads There’s no predicament that can’t be turned into an advantage…no burden that cannot give you wings.

I wanted to share one of the notes with you that I just so connected with:

“Don’t be fooled. You’ve made no mistakes.

The territory behind you and the challenges at hand

were precisely crafted to deliver the wisdom and insights   

that will make possible the life of your dreams

                                                               –Mike Dooley

When I am speaking to a group about my book Crawling Out I often share “What some would consider my mistakes of yesteryear, I see it as I was just learning how to climb and it started with a crawl. And every challenge was just another chapter in my amazing success story.”

Let me know what your thoughts are about Mike Dooley and his view on life.



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