Dec 02 2015

A Message of Thanksgiving from the Angels

On Thanksgiving morning my friend Barbara sent out this email, I think if we all try to remember this message we will have happier days, and eventually happier more successful lives. Barbara had this to share ….

Early this morning while meditating the Angels asked if I would relay their message to you. Even if you do not live in the U.S. their message applies to every human for every day. Following is what they had to say:

A Message of Thanksgiving from the Angels:

angel picture“On this Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., and whatever day it is for you around the world, we  ask that you focus on what is “right” in your world.  Discard the thoughts of what is wrong.  For the more you focus on your blessings the more blessings will be attracted to you.  One of the Universal Laws is — like attracts like.

Do you see that you have the power in your thoughts to create the reality you desire instead of accepting what appears as gloom and doom on your nightly news forecasts? Each and every human has the ability to change that which exists that is not comfortable, into something more comfortable, loving and caring just by adjusting your thoughts. This may sound like fantasy or science fiction, but we, your angels, can attest to the fact that we have witnessed miracles on Earth by those who have taken the time to turn their negative situations into positive outcomes.

Again, we repeat each and every human on Earth has this same ability.  You just have to put it into practice and witness for yourself how your life changes.  You may “think” that you, as an individual cannot do anything, but coupled with the Beings of Light you can perform miracles – Just ASK for our help!

Contribute to and be a part of the positive changes which are coming to Earth.

Be at Peace and KNOW that you are loved!”



Barbara M. Hardie
Angel Connections


So what do you think of the message the angels had to share with us?



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