Nov 07 2015

A Celebration of Survival

I was honored to be invited by Elmer Freeman, PhD, Executive Director of CCHERS, The Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, Inc. to be the key note speaker at their 20th Annual ‘Celebration of Survival‘ that took place October 27th, 2015 at Northeastern University.

Community Advocacy Program (CAPS) is a vital partnership among CCHERS celebrated 20 years of exemplary service to the many individuals and families affected by domestic violence. CAP has provided confidential domestic violence services for community health center clients and for Boston residents. Their annual ‘Celebration of Survival‘ is a testimonial to the resiliency of survivors with inspiring stories of growth, perseverance and transformation. I was so thrilled to be able to share my own inspiring story of transformation and survival at this event.

City Counselor, Ayanna Pressley was recognized for her relentless determination to advance policy agenda focused on girls and women, breaking the cycles of poverty and all forms of violence and reducing trauma in our communities. She also shared her own story as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault as a college student.  

CCHERS is a community-based organization promoting the development of “academic community health centers,” that integrate education, research, and service, to influence and change health professions education; improve health care delivery; and promote health systems change to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health.

I greatly appreciated the warn reception I was given at this festive fundraising event attended by medical doctors, mental health care workers, professors, counselors, lawmakers and other influential people. I was moved by the camaraderie and connection we shared in addition to their commitment to raising awareness and advancing my mission.

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